Anchor Health is the most powerful solution in health care navigation, combining the best of AI and human expertise

Champion individual

Champion the individual.  Create enterprise value.

The health care industry is complex and fragmented.  Anchor Health champions individuals in navigating health care and creates tangible value for employers and health organizations.


Digital front door that connects the dots

We connect the dots across Care, Coverage, Medications, Mental Health, and Advocacy creating a seamless journey from information to decision to transaction.


Full stack conversational AI

Anchor Health has the most modern platform in health care.

We engage members with a modern conversational experience powered by natural language processing and machine learning recommendation engines.  

Digital platform

Industrial strength modern cloud platform

Our back end is ultra modern, industrial strength, interoperable, and built to scale.  It combines AWS, Salesforce, Stripe, FHIR health records, a hosted NLP and AI stack, and more.   All wrapped up in military grade security.    

Much of our competition is still on technology that is over 15 years old.  


Best of breed partners

The Anchor Health partner ecosystem is curated with gold standard solutions. 

Our health content comes from the NIH, drug discounts from GoodRx, mental health resources from the NIMH and Headspace and premium human advocacy from Stanford Health Care -- all within one seamless platform.


Human advocates

Connect with Anchor’s outstanding human navigation concierges when dealing with complex challenges such as denied claims as surprise bills as well as transitions to COBRA or Medicare.

Core Capabilities

  1. RESEARCH CONDITIONS: Get trusted information from the U.S. National Institute of Health. If you need care, you can speak with a nurse for free or find an urgent care center near you. 
  2. FREE NURSE LINES:  Speak with a nurse for free whenever you need guidance on the right next step.
  3. THE BEST URGENT CARE SEARCH IN AMERICA - We combine consumer friendly information (e.g., maps, driving directions) with critical health related information you need to make a decision (e.g., insurance, cash pay options, appointments)
  4. DRUG DISCOUNTS: Detailed information on medications and side effects as well as discount coupons from GoodRx
  5. MENTAL HEALTH SCREENINGS: Not sure if you are just feeling down or whether you need clinical intervention.  We offer comprehensive information from the National Institute of Mental Health as well as digital screening tools for Anxiety and Depression.
  6. MEDITATE WITH HEADSPACE: We offer limited free meditations as well as exclusive discounts on annual memberships from Headspace.
  7. PREMIUM HUMAN ADVOCACY: Got a surprise bill?  Need a pre-authorization?  Need to transition to Medicare or COBRA?  Relax.  We have your back. There is no issue in health care our navigation experts have not resolved.  

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