Industry Coverage

Anchor Health has been profiled by respected organizations in consulting, media, entrepreneurship, and health care.


The New Tech Stack for Virtual-First Care

"The next generation of digital health companies needs a new operating system… and providing that new tech stack is a large and rapidly growing opportunity."


NYC Top 10 Seed / Series A companies

New York VC Network has compiled its first public NYC Top 50 list of companies primarily based on team, traction, and scalability.


Alums find solutions for a new normal

"As we begin to look to a post-COVID future, alumni are finding ways to help us return to a safer, more stable world. Kash Kapadia launched a COVID-19 digital solution within the Anchor Health platform to address the health and financial challenges of the crisis."


Hana Haus 

"Consumers need a champion to navigate health care, to save them time and money, and access best of breed resources in one place."


Health tech responds to COVID-19

"In one seamless and efficient conversational journey, consumers can conduct a digital risk assessment and then connect with free telemedicine nurse lines or in-person urgent care. When the health bills start coming due, their experienced advocates provide expert guidance on managing the cost of care."


"A startup with a cause – championing the individual in navigating health care."

"We are your champion in navigating health care. We’re going to connect the dots of health care for you and make you successful in getting things done across the health care industry."


Health 2.0 

Anchor Health made its public debut on main stage at the Health 2.0 conference.


MobiHealth News

"Anchor is designed to help individuals navigate the healthcare system. The app uses artificial intelligence and a conversational interface to help link users to these services seamlessly."


WTF Health

"The concierge-type platform eliminates the friction of having to search-and-click through multiple apps and websites." -- Interview with Jessica DeMassa of WTF Health.

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