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Anchor Health champions individuals in navigating health care, saving them time and money and providing access to best of breed solutions in one integrated digital platform. Our human advocates provide an unprecedented level of premium personalized service.

We meet individuals at multiple points in their journey, and guide them from information to decision to transaction, on the most popular digital platforms.

With Anchor Health, pharmaceutical companies can sponsor search results to ensure their drugs feature prominently in intent driven search results.  For instance, when a member searches for a medication we can present them with a private, clearly labeled, high quality sponsored result to incorporate into their decision.  

Additionally, pharma companies can choose to sponsor premium memberships and deliver an enhanced platform experience for their members.  Anchor Health requires no expensive IT integrations, is priced flexibly, and is designed to complement not compete with in-house digital platforms.

The result for you -- increased awareness of target drugs and therapies and a premium consumer experience.


As part of our mission to champion consumers in navigating health care, Anchor Health influences consumers towards high quality, cost effective choices.  
Sponsoring the annual membership fee is the simplest way to lower your health care spend while delighting your members.    
$ 120/ yr
Annual membership fee
  • Free and Secure iOS app
  • Pay for registered members / no wasted PMPM
  • No platform fees
  • Care module 
  • Coronavirus module
  • Medications module
  • Mental Health module
  • Premium human advocates


Anchor Health is the most robust health care specific platform that champions consumers along their journey from information to decision to transactions 
By placing an sponsored result on the Anchor Health platform, you can ensure your recommended resources feature prominently and your message reaches consumers at the point of decision.  
$ Custom/ yr
Flexible pricing models
  • Pay per impression or click
  • Intent driven, privacy protecting search 
  • Prominent display in search results (explicitly labeled)
  • Auditable, aggregate results 
  • Tiered and customizable pricing


Enhance Anchor Platform for your members through custom content and features.
A platform partnership will also help consumers receive up-to-date, accurate information about your products and services.   
$ Custom / yr
Flexible pricing models
  • Low platform fees
  • No lock in
  • No expensive IT integration
  • Turnkey solution
  • Fit with your benefits strategy

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