Our value proposition for payers

The #1 platform for payers to influence transactions towards value, engage your members, and market valuable products and services.  Our platform is designed to serve both fully insured and self insured customers.


Influence members to make value based decisions and transactions

Our platform is designed to give members the tools to save themselves -- and you -- money.

For instance, when members feel sick, they get premium NIH research, digital diagnostic tools, telehealth and urgent care options. This keeps them out of the ER or the doctors office unless the situation demands it while reducing utilization.  


Drive engagement

A full stack AI platform, Anchor Health engages members with a modern conversational experience powered by natural language processing and machine learning. 

It's designed for the workforce of tomorrow and dramatically increases activation and engagement. Further, in addition to our private and secure apps, we meet members in their digital homes -- digital messaging platforms such as Slack and Messenger that they use daily.


Market valuable products and services

Grow revenues by ensuring your products factor in the decision journey of individuals navigating related health care services.

Your high quality sponsored results appear in context within intent-based search results. Think Google. But for health care.

Ways to partner

Sponsored Premium Memberships

Sponsoring the annual membership fee is the simplest way to lower your health care spend while delighting your members

Sponsored Search Results

By placing an sponsored result on the Anchor Health platform, you can ensure your recommended resources feature prominently and your message reaches members at the point of decision.

Platform Enhancements

Enhance Anchor Platform for your members through custom content and features.

A platform partnership will also help members receive up-to-date, accurate information about your products and services.   

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