We champion you in navigating health care

Save time, save money, and access the best health care resources in an AI powered conversational experience


Your champion in navigating health care

The health care industry is fragmented.  We connect the dots of health care for you across Care, Medications, Mental Health, and Advocacy.

We save you time and money and connect you with best of breed products and services in a modern conversational experience.

Best of all, when we save you money, you get to keep it all!  You've worked hard for it.  


Meet you where you are

In addition to our private and secure app, you can begin the conversation with Anchor Health on the digital platforms you use daily such as Facebook Messenger.  Slack and others are coming soon.  


Conversational AI 

A full stack AI platform, Anchor Health engages members with a modern conversational experience powered by natural language processing and machine learning.


Human Advocates

In addition to our AI platform, Premium Members can connect with Anchor’s outstanding human navigation concierges when dealing with complex challenges such as denied claims as surprise bills as well as transitions to COBRA or Medicare.

Priced at just $10/month with annual billing, a Premium Membership can save you hundreds/thousands of dollars in health care expenses and hours of your time chasing down a surprise bill or a denied claim.  If necessary, we will even call the insurance company and doctor's office on your behalf. 

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