Our value proposition for employers

The most modern conversational AI platform for employers to engage the workforce of tomorrow in navigating health care.  

We reduce health care spend, increase employee productivity, and empower employers to attract and retain the best talent.   Further, our combination of conversational AI and premium high touch advocates reduce the burden on the HR team to resolve health care navigation challenges.   

Anchor Health Advocacy

Drive engagement like never before

Anchor Health engages members with a modern AI conversational experience with access to high touch, best in class human advocates.  There is no challenge in health care navigation we cannot help resolve.


Reduce health spend

The health care cost burden on employers is enormous and increasing. Studies have shown that health care navigation and advocacy solutions can save employers $527 - $976 in health care cost savings per employee per year. 


Increase employee productivity

From calling insurance companies and hospitals on their behalf, to making telehealth easily accessible, Anchor Health saves employees hours of their time.  The result?  Significantly higher workforce productivity.


Attract and retain talent

It's a war for talent and increasingly benefits play a critical role in career decisions. 

Through the use of navigation and advocacy solutions, 43% of employers reported increased employee satisfaction.  Employee turnover reduced by 44%. 


Reduce the burden on HR

When things go wrong, HR gets a call.  But HR teams simply cannot spend hours helping employees figure out surprise bills or in-network care options.  With Anchor Health, they don't need to.  They can focus on strategic organization priorities knowing their employees are well cared for.

Employee transition

Manage employee transitions

Your workforce is always changing.  Anchor Health can take care of your employees as they make career -- and benefits -- transitions.  From new hires to relocations, and layoffs (COBRA) to retirement (Medicare), we can guide them along the way.  

Ways to partner

Sponsored Premium Memberships

Sponsoring the annual membership fee is the simplest way to lower your health care spend while delighting your employees.

Platform Partnerships

Enhance Anchor Platform for your employees through custom content and features such as on-site clinics.  


$ 0 per month
  • Save time, save money, and get access to best of breed resources in health care
  • Free and Secure iOS app
  • Research conditions from the NIH
  • Free nurse calls
  • Urgent care search
  • Research medications
  • Understand side effects
  • Find prescription discounts from GoodRx
  • Screen mental health conditions
  • Meditate with Headspace


$ Custom per year
  • All Basic features PLUS limited 1:1 personalized guidance from our outstanding human navigation concierges 
  • Surprise bills
  • Denied claims
  • Pre-authorizations 
  • Benefits coverage check
  • COBRA transition
  • Medicare transition
  • In-network care search
  • Pricing estimates
  • Control your health data across 10,000 health facilities (coming soon)
  • Early access to new product features and services


$ Custom per year
  • All Premium features plus 
  • Unlimited advocacy
  • Reserve features

  • Reserve service levels

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