Anchor Health is an AI first health care and financial navigation platform that makes health care more accessible and affordable for all


Increase access to the best solutions

The health care industry is complex and siloed. We expand access to best of breed solutions across Care, Coverage, Medications, Mental Health, and Advocacy in one place with the member at the center.


Make health care affordable

We steer members to high quality, cost effective solutions with transparency into insurance coverage and price. 
Coming soon -- financial solutions for large bills from reputed providers within 60 seconds.


Lead with AI

Our combination of conversational AI and machine learning provides personalized recommendations and influences members towards choices that are best for them.  


Advocate for individuals

Anchor’s outstanding human navigation advocates get to the bottom of complex challenges such as benefits coverage, claims, prior authorizations, surprise bills, transitions to COBRA or Medicare, and more.


Meet individuals where they are.  Really.

In addition to our private and secure apps, members can access Anchor Health on the conversational digital platforms they use daily such as Facebook Messenger.  


Partner with the best

The Anchor Health platform integrates best of breed partner solutions.  

Unlike other digital front doors that direct members all across the internet, we bring premium solutions from the NIH, GoodRx, Headspace, and Stanford Health Care, to our members in one place.

Digital platform

Modernize the health technology stack

Our back end is ultra modern, industrial strength, interoperable, and built to scale.  It combines AWS, Salesforce, Stripe, FHIR health records, a hosted NLP and AI stack, and more.   All wrapped up in military grade security.    

Much of our competition is still on technology that is over 15 years old.  

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